Tex Mex Fajitas where are the best

We are on a quest to find and duplicate the best Fajitas in the world.  As a Fresh Tex Mex restaurant located in ASheville, NC right outside the gates of The Biltmore Estate we are very pleased with the quality and consistency of our Tacos, Enchiladas, Burritos, Stuffed Avocados ( a fan favorite) and our extensive unique Tequila offerings including our Avocado Margarita.

What has remained elusive is fabulous Fajitas.  The quest begins with online research and many many trips for fajitas.  

We started in our hometown with a newly opened celebrity chef restaurant in our downtown area.

Presentation: C- pretty average, lack of veggies, ribeye was too raw (did order rare), side plate, boring and colorless rice and beans with no dairy or side salad provided

Taste:- B- who doesn't love ribeye, but this one had little flavor added, even salt and pepper would have been appreciated. Rice and beans were average in flavor, but really lacked in color.

Value- C-, this was a 1/2 order and was plenty for me, but at $19.00 it was very steep.  They did not even have a chicken option or other to try, so hard to compare.

Ribeye Fajitas at a local restaurant